The Special Place

it’s all about travel & books

Bookinn B&B is a family run hotel. We love reading and travelling so we never stop looking for interesting places. Places we can remember again and again. So we put all our heart in creating Bookinn B&B for you to remember Vilnius as a special place.

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Breakfast space

The heart of our hotel is the open lounge, where our tasty coffee and cookies work their magic every morning. All breakfast goodies served come fresh & tasty, and are of the highest quality. Sometimes, we love to offer tiny, tasty surprises to awaken your senses from sleep.

the library 

During your stay, Bookinn B&B invites you to grab one of the rare vintage books from our library. Reading is like travel, allowing you to exit your own life for a bit, and to come back with a renewed, even inspired, perspective (Laurie Helgoe). You will find the books all over the place - lobby, corridors, rooms and even staircase. Just grab one, jump into the bed and read through the pages - you’ll get an inspirational kick-start to the day.


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With only 9 rooms, Bookinn was designed to be a tiny oasis within the medieval quarter of Vilnius. All rooms located on third floor can be accessed by stairs. Minimalist in style, all rooms are spacious and feature a private bathroom. Some include a seating area to relax after a busy day. Certain rooms have views of the city and inner courtyard. There is a reception with a piano on the street level, as well as a library for guests to enjoy.

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Rooms & Suites